MyDinky step product photo
four photos of the uses of MyDinky step, with cupholder, plain, seat, step and table
Child peaking through the MyDinky leg
Child putting together MyDinky step
Child putting the leg into a MyDinky step
Child putting together MyDinky legs
Child putting together MyDinky legs
Child picking up and looking at MyDinky
MyDinky product box with product inside
MyDinky step product photo


Your child's partner in adventure!


Help your child thrive independently! An all-in-one lightweight piece of functional furniture that children build themselves from a flat-packed puzzle (and parents steal for a laptop desk).

  • Designed for ages 2-7
  • Builds confidence
  • Encourages independence
  • Promotes problem-solving
  • Fosters creative freedom
  • Used by ages 1-100 🙂

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Max weight limit: 80kgs
Product Size: 48cm x 29cm x 19cm
Weight: 2kgs

How it's made

Made in Cape Town, South Africa, from a combination of sustainable Birch Plywood and Bamboo.